If you live in Trat province and travel often, this blog post may be of interest to you and your pocket.

They are not advertised widely, but Bangkok Airways have a number of Membership Cards.

The membership card we were interested in are the FlyerBonus Trat Privilege Cards. If you want to enjoy discounts of around 50% for flights between Bangkok and Trat, save lots of time driving (or risk your life in a mini bus) and on parking fees, read on and I will explain what you need to do to get yours!

If you are Thai and living or working in Trat to apply for your Trat Privilege Card you’ll need to qualify on at least one of the following criteria:

  • trat-privilege-cardMust be a Trat, Chanthaburi or Rayong province resident
  • Must be a hotel/business employee in Trat, Chanthaburi or Rayong province working at a senior management level such as Managing Director, General Manager or Director
  • Must be a business owner in Trat, Chanthaburi or Rayong province and the business must be still operating
  • Must be a government official in Trat, Chanthaburi or Rayong province
  • Must be a student at school, college or university in Trat, Chanthaburi or Rayong province

To apply for a Trat Privilege Card, visit the Bangkok Airways office in Trat Airport.

The address is: 99, Tambon Tha Som, Amphoe Khao Saming, Chang Wat Trat 23150

Telephone: 039 525 767

You will need to show your ID and your House Registration ‘Blue Book’.

If you are non-Thai and living or working in Trat province, you will need to produce your Passport, Work Permit, Certification of Company Registration for companies operating in Trat, and your Residential Rental Agreement. (Take copies of everything too).

There was no application fee when we applied!

As I only live in Trat, and do not rent, I had to visit the new Immigration Office in Klong Yai and obtain a letter (at 500THB) to confirm my place of residence (yep, I thought my 90 days stamps did that!). I also had to pay another 100THB for a headshot photo they attached to the letter.

Once you have completed the application form and everything has been submitted you will get a decision within 3o days. Katae was notified within three days. I submitted my application a week later after my trek and back to the Immigration Office in Klong Yai on a Friday. The following Monday I received confirmation and I now have my Trat Privilege Card. I’m was impressed with the efficiency!

Another important thing to note when you use your Trat Privilege Card to book a flight is that it has to be done by phone. The discounts do not apply when booking online, Oh and the card is valid for a full year.

Find this article useful? Do you have a Trat Privilege Card? Let us know in the comments below.

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Bangkok Airport Booking Office - Trat Airport

Get Your Trat Privilege Cards

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