The Khao Saming Orchid Festival is now in its forth year. The four-day event displays the best orchids to be found in Trat province.

Khao Saming Orchid Festival 2017

Member of the public can cast their votes along with the judges to find the years winning blooms.

As if casting your eyes over and smelling thousands of beautiful orchids wasn’t enough for your senses the Khao Saming Orchid Festival also boast a many stalls set out displaying their trees, plants, flowers and orchids for sale.

There are also ample opportunities to taste many Thai foods, sweets and treats beneath the cool canopy of the nearby rubber trees. Duck noodles, Phad Thai, and chicken kebabs all found a home in our bellies!

One of the things we do love about these events is the opportunity to speak with local farmers and see what they are growing. As we are building permaculture food forest of our own, we like to find rare edible plants and fruit trees we can plant and nurture.

Buying Fruit Trees at the Khao Saming Orchid Festival

Most of the trees for sale are labelled in Thai with an accompanying photograph. A little research with my friend Google soon tells me what they are in English!

Fig Trees

At this orchid event we purchased some new additions for our homestead’s forest garden including three varieties of fig trees, Thai ginseng plants, bamboo, purple mango, limes, coconut palm, quince, star fruit, lamut, beal, wood apple, neem trees and three types of bananas.

I’ve grown a lot of fruit trees from seed but these will take a long time to bare fruit. By working the grafted tree stock, we can expect fruit within a couple of years. Also by sourcing local trees and plants for our homestead they are more likely to not only survive but thrive in the environment.

We’re Only Happy When It Rains

We always seem to be lucky with the rain when we decide to plant. A month or two back it hadn’t rained for weeks. We laid a lawn in our Thinglish country garden and the heavens opened up for us.

Likewise we bought dozens of new trees and plants at the orchid festival and we had the first rains since laying the lawn. This enabled me to get out and dig the holes and give the trees a good start as we approach the hottest and driest time of year here in Thailand.

Helping Hands at Orchid Festival

The Khao Saming Orchid Festival runs from 23-27 February and is an annual event held at the Khao Saming Administrative Offices. You can easily find it on the Sukhumvit Road (route 3) about 9km from Trat City as you head towards Bangkok.

There is no finer way to discover Trat and its rich farming heritage! Agree? Leave your comments below.

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Discover Trat – Khao Saming Orchid Festival



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