Is There a Cinema in Trat?

Even though we lived on Koh Chang for over 2 years and now on the mainland for six months common consensus was that there was no cinema in Trat.

If you want to spend a night at the movies you had to go to Chanthaburi. Well that’s not strictly true because Trat does have a movie house, it’s just a small one and not one of those soulless cinema-plex places.

Cinema in Trat - Movie Cafe

The Kantana Movie Café is a place on the edge of town to catch a movie in intimate surroundings with a side order of tasty finger food.

Cinema Food - Trat

The actual cinema reminds me of a Soho test screening room. To enter the cinema you pass through the café where you can occupy a table and get eats like spaghetti, fish fingers and chunky chips along with soft drinks and beers.

Big Screen - Intimate Screening Room - Cinema in Trat

Alternatively you can buy your finger food, popcorn, snacks and beverage and take them through to consume during the movie.

Cinema Drinks - Movie Cafe - Trat

You can’t book tickets but if you spend more than 40 Thai baht in the movie café, you can watch movies for free.

Directions to the Movie Café

Take a local taxi from central Trat and ask the driver to go to Kantan Movie Cafe, I’m sure they know where to go! 555

If you are driving, pass the Tesco Lotus store on Sukhumvit Road. Carry on and pass Makro and then go over the bridge as you head out of the city. After crossing the bridge you will see the Co-operative Trat building on your right. The Katana Movie Café is next to it and they share a car park.

What's On - Trat

Now Showing at Katana Movie Café

Most movies are shown in Thai language but they do screen English-speaking films from time to time.

More Movie Café’s in Thailand

You can find Kantana Movie Café’s all over Thailand. There are now more than 18 locations in places such as Kanchanaburi, Chanthaburi and of course Trat.

Have you been to see a film at the Kantana Movie Cafe in Trat? We would love to hear about your experience. Leave your comments below to help others who are looking for a cinema in Trat.

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  • Dave April 21, 2017

    Nice find! We went to one of these in Soi Dao. They’re springing up all over.

    • Perry Stevens (Post author) April 22, 2017

      We were going to go to Soi Dao to check it out but if it’s the same company, we will save ourselves a trip and stay in Trat! Cheers Dave.

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