It’s a beautiful day so we thought we embark on a Trat walking tour. You know when you live a place but never really find the time to check out all the cool or interesting places to go? Well, we are like that too! Last year we went back to London and even though I lived there for a decade, we both had fun discovering/rediscovering it together as a couple of tourists. It’s been the same with Trat.

Walking @ Trat – Trat Walking Tour

We have lived in Trat province for nearly four years, first on Koh Chang island for a couple of years and now near Khao Saming, just outside Trat city. We recently picked up a Walking @Trat map from ‘Check-In Trat’ when we dropped in for some ice tea (and left with food, books and t-shirts) and decide to finally put our best feet forward and discover Trat…

Katae with Walking @ Trat Map

1. Statue of King Chulalongkorn

Walking @Trat say – For an auspicious journey around Trat province, start by paying respect to King Rama V the Great, the spiritual center of the Trat people.

TL say – A good central place to start on your journey of discovery in front of the local government offices and Police HQ.

2. Trat City Museum

Walking @Trat say – The old Trat City Hall building has been turned into the Trat City Museum that accommodates exhibition rooms displaying the historical background of Trat province. Listen to an expert in Trat’s history telling stories in an enjoyable way.

TL say – A traditional teak building with a well laid-out tour within. Signage is in Thai and English and there’s also a guide if you would like more information about Trat’s history. Entrance fee is 10 Baht for Thais and 30 Baht for foreigners. It’s also a great place to escape from the heat of the day!

Trat Museum

3. The City Pillar Shrine

Walking @Trat say – Pay homage to Trat’s sacred and much revered Chinese City Pillar God to seek for a blessing and admire the contemporary Sino-Thai art of the City Pillar Shrine.

TL say – A beautiful and colourful Chinese temple located on Lak Muang Road with some interesting trees in the courtyard.

Katae at City Pillar Shrine - Trat

4. Buppharam Temple

Walking @Trat say – Built in the reign of King Prasat Thong (around 1648 AD). Wat Buppharam is the oldest temple in Trat and was granted with the Architectural Conservation Award by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) in 2001. Pay respect to the Luangpho to Buddha image. See murals inside the old ordination hall, visit the temple’s museum where a collection of old and precious objects are exhibited and witness the monks cells built in the traditional Thai style in the size as regulated by the monastic discipline, the only one of this kind in Eastern Thailand.

TL say – Do not attempt to walk here. The map isn’t to scale and it’s 2-3 kilometers outside the city. Jump on a motorcycle taxi or songtaew near the market to get there. You’ll be glad you did.

Reclining Buddha at Buppharam Temple

5. Crab Noodle Sukhumvit

Walking @Trat say – Trat’s old noodle shop offering local food like the spicy ‘khao Phat Phrik Kluea’ or fried rice with seafood dip sauce and crab meat. Shrimp, or mantis shrimp, a not-to-be-missed dish.

TL say – We are not actually sure if we found it, but you can find food everywhere in Trat.

6. Phai Om Temple

Walking @Trat say – Visit the Ubasat or ordination hall of Wat Phai Lam where the late King Bhumibal Adulyadej and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit came to attend the private Kathin Robe Offering Ceremony on 18 October 1968.

TL say – The temple is very close to Statue of King Chulalongkorn. It has a beautiful stupa and gardens with mature trees to shade you from the blistering sun. There is also a large pond with giant catfish you can feed. This location was probably the ‘find’ on our Trat walking tour.

Phai Om Temple in Trat

7. Rai-Rang Market

Walking @Trat say – A large market in the heart of the city where food is available from dawn till dusk, but will become especially lively at two times of the day: 04:00 – 08:00 hrs in the morning is ideal for those who wish to experience the atmosphere of a wet market with an array of fresh fish from the sea, such as talang, queenfish, Indian threadfish, shark, flathead lobster etc. Then, in the late afternoon, enjoy the atmosphere at a night market with smiling villagers and local dishes like khao Phat Phrik Kluen, Khanom Bunduk, and Khao Kriap. On cooked community chefs.

TL say – Trat is a market town and its center is right here. You can find pretty much anything here from clothes to fresh food, and from fishing rods to handbags.

8. Rasidanggamport Residence

Walking @Trat say – Among the memories at Trat’s people is the hip-roof building located in the Bang Phra when the City was under French administration. Seeing that the building was unoccupied, the French turned it into the residence for their president with the basement serving as a place of confinement before the offender was taken to the French court.

TL say – This building has a little history attached to it, but it’s aesthetics have nothing to write home about. The signage was in Thai and English but so faded by the sun or time it was impossible to read.

French Rasidanggamport Residence in Trat

9. Cha-Ruen Road

Walking @Trat say – Pronounced Than Cha-raen. “Than” is the former name of Phra Trat Buri Si Samut Khet who had this road constructed in the area that was then a commercial quarter between Trat and Chinese merchants who arrived in junks. Experience the ambience of a canal side community where old residential buildings still remain to be seen. Every year during the first Friday-Sunday in March, the Legend of Khlong Bang Phra is held to take Trat’s children as well as visitors back to the past for them to learn and help sustain Trat’s local way of life, culture and tradition.

TL say – A quaint little street with traditional Thai wooden buildings alongside it and in the close proximity of the river. A quite spot to rest up after walking Trat and enjoy a well earned drink and a bite to eat.

We had a fun half day walking around Trat and discovered a few new places we never made the time and effort to visit before.

Trat Walking Tour Tips

Trat is a small and safe town, so grab a map and have a wonder around. We would also recommend you go ‘off-map’ and amble where-ever life takes you on your Trat walking tour. You never know what you may find and I promise you, you will not get lost!

Remember to take the following item to have a safe and enjoyable walkabout: Map, drinking water, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, sandals or sneakers, mini fan and sunscreen.

Have you discovered Trat? Let us know in the comments below.

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Trat Walking Tour

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