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Gac Fruit also know as Gac Vietnamese Fruit, Spring Bitter Cucumber, Baby Jackfruit, Fakkgaw, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, and Cochin-chin Gourd. It’s original name is; Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng.

Gac Fruit is found in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China, Myanmar, Philippines and Malaysia.

This plants vines produce round, spiny fruit from 4-10 cm in diameter that turn from green to yellow, orange and finally red when they are ripe.

The ripe fruit is very soft so transporting it as a commercial enterprise is a non-starter. The only way to experience this super healthy food and all it’s benefits is to visit a country where it grows or grow your own.


Gac Fruit Seeds Available in Packs of 5

Gac Fruit isn’t found in Thailand easily. I first tasted Gac Fruit juice at a local market in Trat province and have never seen it before or since. The fruit is readily found in Vietnam where they make a powdered concentrate, skin oil and juice.

My Thai family tell me the buds and sprouts are eaten with chili paste or curry and like the juice it has a bitter-sweet taste.

We are growing our own so we have a consistent supply of this strange, healthy fruit throughout the season.


Gac Fruit – Super Food

The fruits fleshy red membrane that surround the seeds has an extraordinarily high concentration of beta-carotene (x 70) and antioxidants (x 10) than carrots alone and we all know how good carrots are for our eyesight!

It is also packed with other anti-aging and health benefits, like reducing the risk of cancer, maintaining a healthy prostrate and reducing blood sugar levels. Maybe Gac fruit is the secret super food that everybody has been looking for.

Start growing your own Gac fruit today for a healthier tomorrow.

Buy Gac Fruit Seeds

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