What to do in rainy season on Koh Chang

Koh Chang is calling…

Hello everyone, It me (Katae) again!!
Here, I will introduce my sister to you all. Her nickname is Karok and she is 6 years old younger than me! haha
Today I’m not gonna talk about her story or anything, don’t worry love!
This time she will joining me on a holiday to Koh Chang in the rainy season.

Rainy season in Thailand starts from May and ends in October. There will be rain most days, all day and all night but in August it will be heavy rain at night time. So no guarantees for a sunrise or sunset in the rainy season,
please look at the weather before you come on down.

Here for the top tips and some advice: The Koh Chang Guide

Are you ready?
Let’s go Koh Chang

Waiting for a Ferry to Koh Chang

First things to do

Buy a ticket to get on a ferry, 80 THB per person and 120 THB per car.
When you arrive on the island there will be a taxi or you can call one. The songthaews waiting for you at the terminal are priced at 50 THB per person to Klong Son and over the mountain to White Sand Beach. You’ll have to wait for the songthaew to be full before it leaves the ferry terminal.

But we couldn’t wait!! So anyway, I paid 100 THB for each person to go to the hotel on White Sand Beach. If you want to ride around Koh Chang island, rent a motorbike. You’ll have to very be careful especially in the rainy season, wet road are dangerous even in the dry season I saw many of accidents so be careful!!

and here the map for you
cr: The Koh Chang Guide

Koh Chang Map
Full Map of Koh Chang


White Sand Beach North Map

White Sand Beach North Map

Time to get in the hotel, Follow me…
Pool at KC Grand Resort & Spa

KC Grand Resort & Spa Koh Chang

They are in the top 5 of the best hotels on Koh Chang!!
Good location, beautiful room, clean, friendly staff, good food and great views.
Location on White Sand Beach
Perfectly location for walking and in front of the hotel is 7eleven and an ATM too.
We stayed here for one night.

1 night included breakfast.
Normal price is 2,500++ BTH
but now in Thailand you can get a lot of discounts or promotions from the hotel and government,
so we only paid 1,650 THB for the night.
Room type : Graden view deluxe villa and Free mini bar!!
In front of the room we had a swimming pool and the beach is next!
Restaurant : Good tasty food, yummy, delicious, really good I love it a lot!!

The Beach of KC Grande Resort & Spa – Koh Chang

Katae at KC Grand Resort and Spa - Koh Chang

Here you go, 7eleven (hihi)

7eleven on White Sand Beach


In the hotel everything is really good but if you want to try another good restaurant and bar, I recommend to you
Ocean view from 15 Palms

15 Palms

They have great steak, Thai food, lovely mango smoothies and of cause different kind of beers for you.
15 Palms is next to the beach, you can feel the fresh ocean breeze, it’s very nice and chill out here.

Next is Klong Prao Beach!!

Klong Prao Map

*** The map information are from White Sand Publications Co. Ltd


The Dewa - Koh Chang Hotels
Out last night on Koh Chang, and we are staying at The Dewa Koh Chang 

This is my third time staying here, first time with my husband, second and third with my sister.
Room type: Deluxe room (3 times)
Price : 1,085 BTH per night and includes breakfast.
(I mentioned about the price in this situation above already)
Location on Klong Prao Beach. In this soi there are another two hotels, shops, Thai local restaurants, massage and on the top road there is a dental clinic and of course… 7eleven (hihi).
They are in a really good location, good hotel and actually they have really good food but at this time of year many items on the menu are gone because it’s low season and you all know what happening this year!! But breakfast is still good like it was before.

on this soi/road they have a Thai local Restaurant.
Delicious and fresh fruit smoothies.
Ko Kitchen Seafood

If you love Mediterranean cuisine like Italian or Spanish tapas food, wine, beer or are a coffee lover,
I really love this place and recommend you to try it and you will love the taste!!

Wine Gallery

They are on Kai Bae Beach, not far from The Dewa.
Taxi cost 50 THB or you can walk, but as it’s a raining day we go with a taxi.
Food at the Wine Gallery

At night, next door to The Dewa is VAYNA Boutique Koh Chang.
We went there for drinks and to chill out next to the beach.
Next time we go to Koh Chang, I will try their food and I will tell you later what it’s like!!


VAYNA Boutique - Koh Chang


  • The Taxi is better if you get the hotel to arrange it for you. It’s a better price than when you wait on the road for them!
  • This season and in the year of the rona, I recommend you call the restaurant to make a booking, why? Because some places might not open. Some were on Facebook posting their photos like they were opening, but really! NO!
  • For the rainy season, you need un umbrella and flip-flops or go barefoot on the beach.
  • If you need more info here is your best source: The Koh Chang Guide


And that’s it!!
2 Night 3 days at Koh Chang in the rainy season.
Not that bad, I enjoyed it and had a relaxing time.
Feel like mission is complete!

Koh Chang Ferry View
Hope you enjoy my blog,
Thank you,

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  • Charlie August 20, 2020

    Such a nice video. I’ll certainly be checking out Koh Chang on my return to Thailand(2021!)
    Well done Ladies!

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