Last week we reopened our Thai family restaurant – Thinglish Kitchen after a two-year hiatus.

Thinglish Kitchen - Thai Restaurant

Restaurant Guru Recommends Thinglish KitchenAfter two weeks twenty-four months to flatten the curve, lockdowns and fighting the disease, we cannot name but has a 99.97 survival rate, we somehow managed to break on through to the other side relatively sane and unscathed.

Recently we explored the idea of converting the restaurant to an AirBnB, but on reflection, and considering the current yet deteriorating world economic and political climate decided against it for now.

So instead of investing our time and money into a venture that we have no experience off or control over whether the borders are open or not we decided to reopen the restaurant.

Thai food in Trat

Local Food – Strong Community

At a local level we have always continued to get enquires if the restaurant was open and our associated social media networks have also remained active. So, reopening the restaurant and providing good, honest, healthy, home-cooked food with many of the essential ingredients grown naturally in our garden or on our farm seemed like a logical choice


The first week took us by surprise as the local community have supported us immensely with their patronage

. It was a very busy week.

We have made a few changes to the operation. Katae now takes a hands-off role to focus on craft chocolate making, while her sister Karok has stepped up to the plate. Main cooking duties are still handled by Lek, my mother outlaw!

Thai Fusion Food in Trat

Thai Food

Thinglish Kitchen is open six days a week (we are closed every Wednesday) from 11am to 6pm and cater to sit-ins, take-outs and walk-in are welcome.

The menu is predominantly Thai food or Thai fusion food but there are also, fresh seafood, European favourites like steak and chips (fries for our American friends) and English Breakfast Muffins made from our delicious free-range eggs.

Homemade English Muffins - Thinglish Kitchen

We also offer a fine selection of drinks. So, if you’re looking for a refreshing Thai tea or a fruit shake made from seasonal ‘beyond organic’ healthy fruits from our Anarchy Farm or food forest we can currently quench your thirst with passion fruit, banana or mangosteen smoothies and many more.

Chocolate Lovers

If you are a chocolate lover, you can pick up a bar or two of Anarchy Chocolate from the restaurant


All our craft chocolate products are made right here in Trat, Thailand at our farm. Check out our range of yummy and healthy cocoa products here.

Anarchy Chocolate - The Taste of Freedom AD 970x250


We are conveniently located in a quiet, rural area, set beside our sacred lotus flower pond in a tropical garden, approximately 1km from Wat Lamphurai.

Thinglish Kitchen

198 Moo 3 Soi Samakee 1,

Khao Saming, Khao Saming,

Trat 23130

Tel: +66843994104

Find us on Google Maps here.

Join our Facebook page here.

The Thinglish Kitchen Thai Restaurant Re-opens




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