It should come as no surprise for the regular readers of our blog, but we are happy to announce since planting the first seed nearly three years ago, we have now launched our own chocolate brand; Anarchy Chocolate.

It’s been an incredible journey, a real voyage of discovery from learning about the history of cocoa to figuring out how to make quality bean to bar chocolate.

We have been using local products and services every step of the way to produce a unique artisan chocolate made in Trat, Thailand.

We currently have the following Thai chocolate products available in small batch quantities for purchase:


Anarchy Chocolate Product Range Jan 2021

We will be extending our range in the near future, but for now we are concentrating on making our existing lines and for filling orders.

From Bean to Bar to Tree to Bar

We are currently purchasing our cocoa beans from a preferred provider in Chiang Mai.

In the next twelve months we anticipate we will be able to introduce our exclusive ‘tree to bar’ chocolate. The cocoa beans will come from our own trees at Anarchy Farm and our permaculture food forest. Then our chocolate products will be 100% grown naturally and made in Trat province.

Cocoa Pods on Trees at Anarchy Farm

Growing our own cocoa trees and using the beans they produce allows us to control every aspect of the chocolate making process literally from the tree to the bar. No supply line issues are anticipated!

Everything we grow is grown naturally using permaculture principals, without nasty pesticides, herbicides and hormones. Just how mother nature intended it to be. We hope you will taste the honest goodness in every bite of Anarchy Chocolate.

News from Anarchy Farm

This past week we finished the last phase of the farmhouse renovations.

We now have a covered area to ferment our cocoa bean after they have been sun dried.

We also have a new room extension which will serve as a small temperature controlled stock room/shop.

If travel restrictions for international and domestic tourists get back to something like normal, we plan to open the farm up for small supervised tours. Visitors can walk through the fruit trees, durian, rambutan, mangosteen and cocoa and see first-hand the cocoa pods growing on the trees.

Making Anarchy Chocolate

After a tour of the farm guest will be shown how chocolate is made from harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, winnowing, grinding in a malanger, tempering and finally molding.

You’ll be invited to join us for lunch or dinner and the freshest farmhouse cooked meal will be served using locally or home grown produce depending on the season

If your taste buds have been suitably tantalised at this point, you will have the opportunity to purchase our bean to bar chocolate bars, cocoa nibs and chocolate tea to take home, or eat on the way home!

Anarchy Chocolate - Peace, Love & Chocolate

Women in Chocolate

Credit where credit is due, Katae has really gone over and above and immersed herself into learning how to make quality chocolate on a consistent basis. There are many processes along the way to making the perfect bar. It’s part art, part science and whole lot of passion. She has stuck with it and I’m incredibly proud of what she has achieved.

Katae’s sister, Karok lost her accountancy job in Bangkok early in the plandemic and eventually moved to Trat. She has now joined forces with Katae, and together they make a dynamic chocolate making team.

On the other hand, I still bumble around the cocoa trees and get to eat the finest, healthy dark chocolate and nibs made in Trat every day. Boy happy!

We have lots of plans for the future of Anarchy Chocolate but for now, we are grateful where we are and what we have achieved together.

Chocolate – The Food of Love

Food of Love - Anarchy Chocolate

In a couple of weeks from now, after the Chinese New Year Katae and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. No itch to scratch! Couples who play together, stay together with a little help from the food of the gods, chocolate!

Show your support for this local business by visiting the Anarchy Chocolate online store here.

Anarchy Chocolate – Peace, Love and Chocolate

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