The best plant identification apps can help you identify plants and flowers by providing comprehensive information such as photos, descriptions and other details.

With the best plant identification apps, you can find out what plants are in your garden and keep track of them. You can also identify any new ones that you see on your travels. It opens up a whole new world!

Why Do We Need a Plant Identification App?

Plant identification apps are a powerful tool for plant lovers and gardeners. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a plant identification app, and we will also provide a list of the best plant identifier apps available.

There are many reasons why you may need to identify plants. For example, you may be looking for the best plants to grow in your garden or houseplants for your home. Or you may need to identify invasive species that could be harming the environment in your area.

Whatever your reason is, these apps will help you identify any type of plant with ease!

Red Lipstick Tree - Plant ID

How to Identify Plants

There are many types of plants and trees, and identifying them can be difficult.

This is a guide on how to identify plants. It will help you identify some of the most common plants that are found in gardens, parks and woodlands across the world.

This generally consists of opening your plant ID app on your mobile device and taking a photo. You can then identify your photo as a leaf, flower, fruit, bark, habit or other. The app will check its database in a flash and return you the results with surprising accuracy.

Top 7 Plant Identifier Apps with High-Quality Images

There are many plant identification apps available in the Apple and Play Store, but not all of them are created equal they all vary in terms of their accuracy and comprehensiveness. Some are better than others and they can be used for different purposes.

By simply taking a photo, they can help you identify plants based on their leaf shape, flowers, bark or fruit.

Below are some of the best plant identification apps around the world.

Most of the following apps can be downloaded for free and help you identify plants in your backyard, on your daily walk, and even while you are on vacation in sunny Thailand.

Best plant identification app photo

These are my top 7 plant identifier apps with high-quality images (in no particular order):

Best Plant Identification Apps

  1. PlantNet (Canada): 4.7 stars – 214K reviews – 10M+ Downloads – Has an accuracy of 90% and covers over 2000 plant species.
  2. PictureThis – 4.6 stars – 10M+ Downloads – This app is perfect for identifying any plant that you’re looking for including weeds, succulents and cacti. It also allows you to search through a database of over 17,000+ species from around the world and find high-quality photos of each plant with an accuracy of 98% using AI.
  3. Wildflower ID – 3 stars – 325 Reviews – 5 K Downloads – This is another popular app that has been downloaded by thousands of people to identifying flora of the British Isles. It contains more than 300 species of flowers from across the UK and works completely offline without an internet connection.
  4. Plant Finder (UK): No Reviews – 10K+ Downloads – Has an accuracy of 96% and covers over 2000 plant species. This is an app that has been downloaded by over ten thousand times with users in over 100 countries. It has the ability to identify plants based on features such as flowers, leaves, height and width.
  5. LeafSnap – 4.3 Stars – 30K Reviews – 1M Downloads – LeafSnap Plant Identification instantly identifies thousands of plants, flowers, fruits and trees. It also features a care calendar where you can set reminders so you can keep on top of your gardening tasks.
  6. PlantSnap – 2.5 Stars – 96K Reviews – 10M+ Downloads – Has an accuracy of 81%. The PlantSnap Plant Identification app is a powerful tool that uses advanced computer vision to identify over 600,000 different types of plants including mushrooms. The PlantSnappers Community connect with more than 50 million nature lovers in over 200 countries. This is one of the most popular plant identification apps available on the internet. It can be used for both android and iPhone users. You can also add your own plants to the app.
  7. iPlant – 5k Downloads – iPlant by Professor Brigitte Mars is a free app that can help you identify any type of North American edible, medicinal and poisonous plant.

Is Your Backyard a Botanical Paradise Waiting to be Discovered?

The best plant identification app is the one that will work for you.

This article has provided a comprehensive overview of the most popular plant identification apps on the market. It also discussed which features are more important and what to look for in a plant identification app.

Moringa - Plant identification app

I currently use PlantNet to identify plants on our farm, food forest, visiting nurseries and on my travels. You are invited to join the group I created called Anarchy Farm and see what I’ve been snapping recently.

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Do you use a plant identifying app? Let us know in the comments below.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Plant Identification Apps and How They Can Help You Identify Plants

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