It’s been a long time since we created new content for our YouTube channel.

We thought it would be a good idea to get back into it with a five year update on our permaculture food forest.

For comparison the original video from five years ago can be viewed below and the original blog post and photos here:

To see just how far we have grown in five years, the new update video can be viewed here:

When I started planting our permaculture food forest, I knew only a fraction of what I know now. But still I have so much to learn. Fortunately, I view all my mistakes as valuable lessons learnt and like the food forest, I keep on growing.

The lessons learned have be adopted on our farm and if we start another project, I’d have even more depth of knowledge, practical experience and feedback to fall back on to get the project off to a roaring start.

Regular readers of our blog or followers of our Instagram account know we now have a heavy focus on growing cocoa, not only in our permaculture food forest but also at our farm and continue to develop our Anarchy Chocolate brand.

Anarchy Chocolate - The Taste of Freedom AD 970x250

That project started by discovering cocoa trees and adding one to our food forest. That got us hooked on cocoa. It’s funny looking back how these things develop into something else and take on a life of their own.

Cherry Blossom, Jackfruit and Mulberry

Future Permaculture Food Forest

We have reached the stage at this five year mark where we are reaching an abundance of fruit from the forest. We get all our fruit daily from our forest garden and it changes with the seasons.

For some weeks we will be eating and preserving a lot of cherries and berries and other times rose apples and pineapples. Staples for much of the year are bananas, start fruit, cherries, papaya and mulberries.

Meanwhile our raised garden beds have been recently revamped and are producing lots of pak wan, long beans, sweetcorn, pumpkin and morning glory.

This year some of our mango trees we grew from seeds have produced. Next year, I hope they all do.

Talking of trees grown from seed, we had a beautiful big avocado tree that was growing very well. We even had a vanilla vine growing up it. Unfortunately we had a deluge of rain for a week and it died. I’m still in denial and I have yet to cut it down.

We also have an ice cream bean tree that has grown well, flowers regularly but has never fruited. We don’t know why.

Another fruit tree first this year is Bread Fruit. I’ve never had the pleasure of eating one, so I’m looking forward to doing so later in the year.

Enjoyed the video I shot early in the morning on a beautiful day earlier this week. Let us know in the comments what you think of the AirBNB idea. Would you be interested in staying for a few night or for an extended period of time to write that book you always said you would?

Sweetcorn, red pineapple and long beans in permaculture food forest

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Until next time, live a life less ordinary!

Five Year Permaculture Food Forest Update

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