We’ve only gone and bought a fruit farm.

Although we have been looking at investing in more land in Trat province for over a year it was purely by chance we found the fruit farm we ended up buying and provisionally calling, Baan Anarchy.


An expat friend from Koh Chang ask us to view a house for sale close by and send him a few photos. He didn’t like the remoteness of the house or need all the land it came with.

Investing in Land

We were not looking for another house but as soon as we saw the land we knew it was exactly what we have been looking for. The three rai and house with full Chanote title deeds were also well below current market prices, so it was a no-brainer investment opportunity for us.

Working Fruit Farm

As an existing fruit farm, although under-managed, in need of some TLC and investment, it still had a steady yearly income which if let to continue as is, would mean getting our money back in ten years.

Our initial plan is to invest in the infrastructure, fencing, pathways, irrigation, cleaning up the land and trees, introduce cocoa, then ramp up production and be in profit in half that time.

Currently the main fruit trees are Durian, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Marian Plum, Longan and Banana. Once the basics infrastructure projects are near completion we will plant out cocoa, coconut and lychee from our nursery.

Sighting a Sala

The land also has a large pond that is six meters deep and used for irrigation. We have earmarked a spot near it to site a sala, so we can eat, relax and enjoy watching the farm grow and the sun set.

The area around the sala will be planted out with attractive flowers and plants to create a little oasis to attract more wild life and beneficial insects to add more diversity to the landscape

 . The pond will also be stocked with tilapia as man can’t live of fruit alone!

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Thai House (Baan)

The spacious two-bedroom house will be modernised at some point in the future with a western style bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for when we feel like staying the night or friends come to visit.

We may also explore the opportunities of hosting people who are interested in staying and learning about organic – permaculture farming through organisations like WWOOF.

Further down the line we will convert the house to a chocolate factory, so we can create artisan chocolates from bean to bar. Anarchy Chocolate anyone?

Perry & Katae

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Fruit Farm

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  • Mike November 27, 2018

    I want you to start a t shirt company based entirely on your choice of t shirt. They are always bad ass.

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