The Worlds Largest Orchid Species in Bloom at Anarchy Farm

The Queen of Orchids (Grammatophyllum speciosum) is believed to be the largest species of orchid in the world.

It is also known as Tiger Orchid and the Sugar-cane Orchid. The flowers that bloom once a decade but last for a month or two.

Queen of Orchids

Our Tiger orchid seems to thrive on neglect under a mature African Talisay (Terminalia ivorensis chev) tree by the entrance of our farm. Originally it was seated on a wooden chair but kept falling of in the high winds, so we dropped into a wooden box frame a toilet was delivered in. It’s doesn’t get any special treatment but seems to like its lot in life.

This is a native orchids of South-east Asia and has a sweet yet not an over powering scent. At the time of filing it for our Youtube Channel it was covered in fire ants making it difficult to handle.

queen of orchids in full bloom

Apparently this orchid can grow to be over 8 feet tall and weigh in access of a ton. The the root system is sharp and thorny which makes moving it almost impossible. If you’re lucky to acquire one, be careful were you set yours down. As with most orchids, they prefer partial sun light and plenty of moisture.

Perry with the largest orchid in the world

We’ve only had this orchid for a year so we are very fortunate that it has bloomed already. It may be another 10 years before we are blessed with it’s blooms again.

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Do you have a Queen of Orchids in your collection? Let us know how you care for it and how often you got yours to bloom in the comments section below.

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Queen of Orchids

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