Raised Garden Beds [6 Months Update]

In this vlog we catch up on the progress of the 3 raised garden beds we built back in May 2017. They have produced a couple of crops already and have been planted out again with pumpkin, corn, melon, morning glory and many other edibles.

You can view the original raised garden beds video here.

Our Raised Garden Beds

In this part of our land we have planted many more fruit trees including banana, papaya and mango in between the raised garden beds. Rice was also planted before the rainy season and grew very well which was a first for me as I’ve never seen the process from seedling to plate before.

We also have a lotus pond with tilapia fish in it. The fish are a great source of protein and the stalks of the lotus are also eaten in Thailand. Personally I like to see the flowers in bloom on a morning.

3 Raised Garden Beds

We have also constructed a small family restaurant known as Thinglish Kitchen since the last video. Where ever possible the restaurant uses fresh produce from our gardens and aquaponic set up in the meals that are served daily. We do not use any chemical, herbicides or pesticides on our food so everything is fresh and healthy, just as Mother nature intended it to be.

To view the menu and opening times of Thinglish Kitchen visit our Facebook page. To revisit the construction of the Thinglish Kitchen click here.

We collect rainwater from the roof of the restaurant in two ongs. The stored water is used on the gardens during the dry season.

Also in this video, we discover a mulberry tree being eaten by some big fat caterpillars.

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Raised Garden Beds – The First 6 Months


  • Adrian February 1, 2018

    Wow looks fantastic,you’ve created something quite beautiful as well as practical. Hopefully get to Trat to relax at Thinglish restaurant soon!

    • Perry Stevens (Post author) February 1, 2018

      Hey Adrian, if you are in the area, pop in and make yourself known. I’ll pop down to the kitchen and say hello.

      • April February 11, 2018

        Hey Perry, it looks great! I was wondering while I was watching your video of your container home, is the container concreted? It appears to be. If so how did you go about doing the concrete work? Does it keep the house cooler on that side? How much noise is there on the inside with someone on the roof?

        • April February 11, 2018

          (I am of course talking about the concrete on the roof of the container.

          • Perry Stevens (Post author) February 11, 2018

            Hi April,
            Two of our 40ft containers have a metal frame sitting on top of it. On the top side of the frame is smart board and then concrete on top of that. I certainly keeps the place cooler and we hear no noise from up there because of the space between the layers.

          • April February 12, 2018

            I am about to build a container home on my property. Could you explain to me more about the framing and what exactly is smart board? Is the board like partical board or cement board us ed for framing out a shower? Send me a link with a pic please.

          • Perry Stevens (Post author) February 12, 2018

            I think we used a brand called Viva Board. Smart board is cement board, same thing.

  • Adrian February 1, 2018

    Hi Perry,traveling thru Isan(Udon,Buriram) early Feb. Will head to Trat after Buriram… passed thru Trat for 1 night previous & looked nice! See you mid Feb if you’re at home.

  • Lee March 23, 2018

    Thank you for your video on YouTube. I’m curious want to know if you have rebar steel inside of your slap concrete sun deck. Thank you again for your advice.

  • Perry Stevens (Post author) March 26, 2018

    Hi Lee, Yes there is rebar in there.

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