We’ve remodelled a shipping container in our garden from a secure storage space to a home sauna.

The 20ft shipping container was originally brought on-site to provide secure storage while we built our shipping container home.

Home Sauna

Well that was three years ago and over the months and years it has slowly filled up, mostly with junk. When you have the space, you alway find something to fill it. So we decided to have a good clear-out, reduce the storage space and convert 75% of the shipping container to something more useful. So we started talking about buying a sauna for the home.

We recently finished the renovations on our farm house and had a great experience with the local craftsmen we employed. So instead of letting them go, we re-employed the builders, electricians and window makers to convert our shipping container.


Converting a Shipping Container from Secure Storage to a Sauna

A false wall was constructed to separate the storage area from the new room. Access to storage is through the original double-doors of the shipping container.

On the side of the container facing our house a door was cut away and on the opposite wall another opening was made for a window. We had custom made aluminium windows and doors constructed off site and installed last on the build.

All the walls and the ceiling were cladded and painted. We didn’t use and insulation this time as the air flow through the mosquito screens will keep the room cool enough for what we are using it for. Incidentally, there is air-flow under the shipping container and a roof above which is extended and used as a car port.

We hooked up a circuit breaker, installed a light, a fan and an extractor fan, The final part of the transformation was laying a tiled floor.

The actual sauna was purchased from a company near Bangkok called ‘Sauna at Home Delivery‘. They had a seven day lead time. On the day of delivery they drove from Bangkok to Trat arriving at lunchtime. They assembled and wired up the sauna within a couple of hours. They provided a great service and were very professional throughout.

The sauna is a traditional dry sauna. Heat is created by pouring water on the hot coals. The material used in construction in Finnish pine. Many home saunas nowadays are infrared and heat by light. Apparently you get a deeper sweat from an infrared sauna but to me it sounds like you are sitting in a microwave. So we went for the traditional dry sauna.

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The Costs of our Home Sauna Project

Taking everything into account, including materials and labour for the conversion of the shipping container came in at just north of 100,000 Thai Baht. 42,000 Thai Baht was for the Sauna, 20,000 for the window and doors and the rest for building, electrics and labour. A bargain in my books!

Our Sauna Routine

In the evening, after showering, we enjoy the sauna for 15 minutes. We then take a cold shower and jump back in the sauna for a further 15 minutes. We finish up with another cold shower.

We have been using Himalayan salt rocks in the sauna and will add essential oils in the coming weeks for the beneficial effects or the aromas.

We have also been experimenting with light therapy as our sauna has the facility to change the mood with light.


Health Benefits of Regular Sauna

We have had the sauna for less than a week and both Katae and have have been amazed at how well we sleep after a sauna. Our skin also feels noticeably softer and cleaner within just a few days of regular sauna use.

The long term health benefits of regular saunas are reduced stress, improved endurance, detox, decreased heart disease, decreased muscle soreness and the added ability to fight of illness. Now I don’t want to live forever, that’s a mighty long time but while I’m here, I want to enjoy life as much as possible. Health is your wealth!

It’s been a great little project that lasted for about a week and thanks to the expertise of our local craftsmen, no sweat on our part. We can now look forward to enjoying many saunas and the additional health benefits for years to come.

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Shipping Container Home Sauna

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