Last Sunday we were joined by our neighbours, friends, family and five monks (always an odd number) from the local temple, Wat Lamphurai for Tambun Baan.

Tambun Baan is a traditional Thai buddhist blessing for the home and an act of making merit.

Tambun Baan - Making Merit

During the day before Tambun Baan, everyone was busy cooking and preparing food or picking up a small shrine and matts from the temple. A thin white thread (sai sin) was also laid out around the restaurant and our two houses to form a circle.

The five monks arrived in their distinctive orange robes mid morning and took their seated positions. They then proceeded to chant ancient scripts. I found the hypnotic chanting quite relaxing. All the Thais present knew when to join in and the ceremony lasted approximately half an hour.

Food was then offered to the monks feet and then the restaurant and everyone seated inside or out was blessed with a gentle splash of water.

One monk, accompanied by the family then walked around to bless the outlaws house and our shipping container home before we all returned to the restaurant. I was left in charge of keeping our Bangkaew dog Taxi from eating the limbs of our guests. After returning back to the restaurant, the monks were given a feast of fresh fish, noodles and fruits to enjoy.

Once the monks finished eating they returned to the temple and our friends and family continued to celebrate this thing we call life together. No alcohol is served during this traditional ceremony but the water did freely flow like the mighty Khao Saming river.

family outside house with monk 2

Tambun Baan


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