How to Grow Thai Basil from Seed

Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum) is an herb that is used in many Thai dishes. It has a strong, spicy taste and is often used in curries or stir fries.

Thai basil also comes in a number of verities including Sweet Thai Basil, Holy Thai Basil and Thai Lemon Basil.

The first step on your journey to growing this amazing plant is to get your seeds ready by soaking them in water overnight.

Next, you’ll want to put some potting soil into the container. Plant the seeds about one inch deep and cover them with more potting soil so that they will germinate properly.

What Kind of Soil is Best?

Thai basil is a tropical plant and it needs warm temperatures to grow. It also needs high humidity and a lot of water. Thai basil can be grown in any type of soil, but it does not do well in cold weather or dry soil.

The most popular type of soil for growing Thai basil is potting mix. Other types of soils work as well, but potting mix is the easiest for beginners to use because it has all the nutrients that Thai basil plants need to flourish.

How Much Light Does Does it Need?

Plants need a certain amount of light to grow and the amount of light needed for growing plants depends on the type of plant. Thai basil, needs a lot of light because it grows quickly and is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

Thai Basil plants and seeds

When is the Best Time to Plant Thai Basil Seeds?

For the best results, plant your Thai basil seeds is in the springtime when the soil is moist and warm. The best time of day is in the early morning or late evening and keep them moist but not wet.

Planting Thai basil seeds is not difficult, but it does require a bit of patience. Thai basil plants are sensitive to dryness and over-watering.

How Deep Should I Plant My Seeds?

When planting Thai basil seeds, they should be at the depth of about 1 inch making sure that there is enough space in the container for your plant’s roots to grow and spread out.

The Health Secrets of Thai Basil Seeds

Thai basil seeds are the perfect ingredient for Thai cuisine. They can be used to add a spicy, tangy taste to any dish. Simply sprinkle some seeds onto your meal and enjoy!

The Thai basil seed is a type of herbal supplement that is often used to improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels. They are also often taken in a dried form but they can also be soaked in water for up to 2 hours before consuming.

Thai basil seeds are also said to be a natural appetite suppressant that will help you lose weight faster. Extracts from the seeds is believed to promote the feeling of fullness and reduce hunger cravings. It also has a thermogenic effect that increases your metabolism for efficient fat burning.

Thai Basil Seeds on Plant

Thai Basil Seed Culture Around the World

Thai basil is a herb that is used in many Thai dishes. It has a distinct flavour and aroma, which are attributed to its seeds.

The seed culture of the Thai basil plant goes back centuries. The plant was originally grown for its leaves, but the seeds were discovered to be edible and delicious by the locals. The seeds were then incorporated into many dishes, adding a unique taste to them.

It is believed that this culture has spread from Thailand to other parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Where Can I Buy Thai Basil Seeds?

If you are looking to grow Thai basil from seed, click HERE.

Thai Basil Seeds Guide for the First Time Gardener

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