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Over 1000 Types of Orchids in Thailand

There are estimated to be over 1000 types of orchids in Thailand (Gluay Mhai in Thai language).

The beautiful, tropical flowers of the wild orchid can be seen flowering in January during the cooler season and again in August during the rainy season.

However, Thai species and hybrid orchids can be seen in abundance throughout the year as they are used for decorations in drinks, food and girls hair. These types of orchids are from the Dendrobium genus.

Down on Anarchy Farm we have a number of wild orchids growing on some of our mature fruit trees.

Thailand Orchids

When visiting Thailand, find time to amble around an orchid farm or nursery and photograph the great variety of beautiful blossoms and breathe in the intoxicating scents. Sainamphung Orchids Farm in Chiang Mai is a such a great place to visit if you are in the north of Thailand.

Many Thai gardens and resorts attach orchids to trees where they happily grow and produce their exotic flowers.

Some orchids prefer the shade and some full sunlight but with over a thousand species of orchids in Thailand you can find one that suits your garden if you want to grow your own and bring a splash of colour to your outdoor space.

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orchids in Thailand

Growing Your Own Hybrid Orchid

The growing process of a hybrid orchid often starts by taking the pollen from the male and transferring it to the female receptive organ.

After fertilisation, the seeds may take anywhere from a month to a year to mature. When they are mature they can be harvested.

Most people skip the first two steps and start by germinating their purchased mature seeds in a bottle. Roots will sprout within a few days or may even take a few months depending on the strain of orchid.

After several more months the young orchids can be moved from their bottles to small pots and. Re-potting into moist coconut coir will be required in the future as the plant grows.

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We would love to see your orchid pictures. Post your favourite orchid photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag them with #thinglishlifestyle.

The majority of our orchid photographs in this post were taken in Khao Saming district of Trat province during the annual orchid festival in February 2016.

What Are The 10 Most Popular Orchids in Thailand?

The popularity of orchids in Thailand is increasing day by day. There are many reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is that these plants are not only beautiful, but also easy to grow and maintain.

Expats and the good people in Thailand love to plant orchids in their gardens as they find them beautiful and they also want them around their house which will give a nice fragrance.

The 10 most popular orchids in Thailand are:

  1. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis – Hard caned dendrobium Orchids
  2. Dendrobium Nobile – Cooktown orchid
  3. Cymbidium – Boat orchid
  4. Vanda Tricolor – Soft vanda
  5. Dendrobium Kingianum – Pink rock orchid
  6. Phalaenopsis Aphrodite – Aphrodite moon orchid
  7. Vanda Miss Joaquim – Singapore orchid
  8. Dendrobium Splendens – Splendends
  9. Dendrobium Beckleri – Pencil orchid
  10. Dendrobium Tenuifolium – Coconut orchid


What is your favourite orchid in Thailand?

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Types of Orchids in Thailand

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