Organic Anarchy Beats is a new YouTube channel Katae and I started with her sister Karok for fun.

The aim of the channel is a place where we simply set chilled Lo-Fi music to inspirational ‘natural world’ video footage.

Winter is fast approaching in the western world and due to lockdowns, flight to warmer climates are scarce. No bother, we have the next best thing! If you are searching for chilled music to relax to and the sights of pristine beaches, palm trees and waterfalls, we have it all for you.

Some of the video clips we use are from stock footage, while other clips are shot ourselves.

All the Lo-Fi music that provides the soundtrack to the visuals is curated from and licensed via a creative commons license. We link to every artist in the video description, so you can discover more of your new favourite chill out tunes.

The idea behind Organic Anarchy Beats is to create a place where people can escape, dream and chill, or simply get away from the stresses of modern life, even if it’s for only a minute or two. Sometimes it’s all you need to get you through the day… cocktails (or cups of tea) and dreams of Thailand!

We upload new content 3 to 5 times per week. If you like Lo-Fi music, what to discover it for the first time or just want to escape and lose yourself for a few minutes, head over to Organic Anarchy Beats YouTube channel and subscribe. Hit the notification bell so you know when we drop new beats.

What is Lo-Fi?

Lo-Fi means low-fidelity (the opposite to high-fidelity) and is a term for music where you can hear the imperfections that would typically be considered errors in the recording process. It is also now known as a music genre to chill or study to.

Lo-fi envelopes you in predictable, soft sound, protecting your thinking from the unpredictable and harsh outside world. This phenomenon is also known as “cocooning.” It helps you relax and focus.

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Organic Anarchy Beats can also be found on Instagram. Check it out for daily clips and and new tunes.

Organic Anarchy Beats

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