Homestay Khao Saming, Trat, Thailand

UPDATE: December 2018

What better way is there, than staying at a Thai homestay to really discover the ‘real’ Thailand? I like many others reading this blog, backpacked far and wide to get an authentic travel experience. I traveled alone, threw out my Lonely Planet and often as I could took the path less traveled in the pursuit of that unique experience.

Only now having put down roots in rural Thailand have I started to scratch the surface of the real Thai way of life. In Bangkok I felt somewhat insulated from daily life, high up in my Chao Phraya riverside condo. Not working for a living isolated me even more from the daily grind, although I’m not complaining about that!

Living on Koh Chang island (for the second time) was fun for a while but the dream and reality of island life are two very different things. There are only a small handful of people originally from Koh Chang. Most of the population is made up of Thai’s and expats who have moved there to start a business around the tourist industry or view their retirement days and nights through the bottom of a glass.

Homestay Thailand

The Thai Homestay Experience

If you are looking for a unique travel experience in Asia, consider spending some time at a Thai homestay.

Khnam Rim Klong Homestay is located about 9km from Trat city and 6km from Khao Saming on the same country road as the local temple, Wat Lamphulia and our restaurant, Thinglish Kitchen.

The family who run this Thai homestay have been here for generations and are primarily shrimp farmers. They have several large ponds for fresh water and shrimp. If you like fishing, you are also in luck as their property runs down to the Khao Saming River.

The family own a power boat that can easily accommodate 6-8 people. We recently enjoy a very relaxing hour cruising down the river gazing up at the stars on a cloudless night. If this wasn’t humbling and trippy enough, some of the trees on the river bank had ‘dancing stars’ in their canopies. On closer inspection we got to see hundreds of fireflies. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience while you visit this homestay near Trat.

For nature lovers, there are dozens of fruit trees, tropical plants and even a kitchen garden. Sitting quietly here you will start to see all kinds of interesting local wildlife, birds and insects.

When you rent your homestay (from only 500 Baht per night), you have the option to cook for yourself or the family can cook for you. They also have bicycles you can borrow to explore the quite roads in the area or drop into Thinglish Kitchen for refreshing healthy drinks and bites to eat. If you are not feeling energetic, ask at the homestead about our delivery service.

Homestay’s aren’t for everyone. If you are looking to party you’ll be in the wrong place. However, if you love being in nature, enjoy the peace and quite, and want to experience genuine Thai customs and culture, this homestay is the best kept secret you’ve been let in on… but don’t tell everyone!

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To make an inquiry or book a night or two at the homestead, visit their Facebook page here.

Follow Thinglish Lifestyle on Instagram for daily photos in and around Trat or leave a comment below.

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